Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Power in The Blood

By entering in to the Holiest.  What a wonder.  Fodder for eternal pondering.

Monday, October 5, 2015


I do not know how to write about this.  Maybe if I start, it will take me somewhere.
Heroes.  Who are they there for?  They are serving people in need.  The service is needed.  The heroes get a measure of glory.  The glory feels good.  Isn't is good to feel needed?  
There have been times, seasons when I have known I would be a hero.  Work to do for a season, as a protector, defender, expert, SME, go-to-guy.  
I think we have been stealing the glory.  No wonder it feels good.  All of the glory belongs to The Lord Jesus Christ.  But it is such a small thing.  We become stewards of a thing.  We are the masters of it, and the doorways of access to it.
But we are not the masters of it.  We are the stewards of it.  He alone is the Master of it, of All.
What would it look like if I worked my job as a steward rather than a master.  I am trusted with a part of something bigger than I can ever be or be master of.  It is one or five or ten talents, entrusted to me for a season.  It is not mine, but the Master's.  He is returning to claim what is His.  He is interested in how I will invest, and what return I will get and give...but mostly He is returning for what is His.  I am just the steward of it.
He has placed this part of His estate in this time and place for the benefit of those it serves, not for me or my glory.  This asset is glorious from the start, and I can add nothing to it.  It needs my stewardship to be of the best advantage possible to those who it serves.  That is why he placed a steward.  He placed me as that steward because he sees that I may be able to provide it without touching the glory.  
When I play hero with my authority, my commission, I steal from my Master.  It is always enough, more than enough to be given a stewardship.  But I have touched the glory, and want more.  And no wonder.  It is divine.  Not made for me.
If touching the divine made us explode at that moment, everyone would know not to touch the divine, not to touch the glory.  Stealing glory does not kill us right a way.  In fact, it makes us feel like gods.
Enough analysis for now.  In the Name of Jesus, I pray Father that you would forgive my theft of the glory of Christ.  I renounce my old habits of heroics, my hunger to be a hero, and a god.  Teach me how to bring the glory and honor home to The Lord Jesus Christ by proper stewardship.  Help me, first, to be grateful for the opportunity to serve the Kingdom of God as a steward of some small portion.  Help me then to love the beneficiaries of the estate, to provide the benefits of the estate to them because you love them.  Help me to find your love for them and our  love for you, together, as we dwell in your possession.  Help us to be found faithful with that which you have given us.  And with our lamps full of oil.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Our Father

Our Father in Heaven, may Your Holy Name be hallowed, held up as supreme, pure, perfect, worthy of ALL glory, honor and praise.  Please advance your Kingdom on earth.  I am made of earth and speak for earth, and ask You to advance your Kingdom here.  I surrender the earth to you.  You are already the King of all, so as your Kingdom advances, all of the earth will respond to your righteous will.  I surrender the earth to your will, and I surrender the kingdoms of this world to your Kingship and your perfect will.  i pray that your Will will be done in All the earth, that every free will entity will stand and then fall down in awe of your holiness, and surrender to the perfection of your will and plan.  We, your church, need provision each day.  in providing it, the glory of it, the glory of what it does for us, in us and through us is directly yours.  Forgive us when we partake of your perfect provision, and then appropriate credit, glory, for ourselves, in the base sin of pride.  We can do nothing without you, and we have nothing without you.  When we take upon ourselves your office and right, when we become god to ourselves, and entice others to worship us, in the lie that we are able to do anything, we rob you of what is yours.  We fail to give you all of the worship each day.  Each day we sin.  Each day we exalt our humanity.  Forgive us these sins.  Each day we fear someone or something other than you, declaring that you are not faithful and able to take care of that which is most precious to you.  You have purchased us with an unspeakable price, and are unable to forget us, or fail us, yet we fail to trust, and we fear.  We know that we will, and we know that we need to be tried for our refinement, for the restoration of our souls.  But you have taught us that you will keep us in the midst of the trial, and that you will keep us from evil.  I know that you can not forget us, but you have taught us to ask you anyway, to keep us from evil, in the midst of your perfecting of your bride.  Thank you for teaching us about the relationship you desire from us here, and hereafter.

I am back. Thanks for waiting, Lord

Writing to add bouyancy.  The water is high, and fast.  Too big for struggling.  Only trust and depend, completely.  I know that there  is no temptation or trial that is not common to man, and that the Lord will not allow me to be tempted or tested beyond my ability to withstand.  I also know that he will make me a way of escape.  A broken reed He will not break, and a smouldering flax He will not quench.  He is my Rock and my high tower, my Fortress and my Refuge, my strong tower.  He is my Hope and my Strength.

In the meantime, this is a season to cease resisting the restoration of my soul.  Father, in Jesus Name, I yield my all to you, for your glory.  Help me, rescue me.  Make my shiny for you.